Most people I know head over to Sagada to test their bodies. The adventure that they seek in that Mountain Province municipality is unique in the area and can't be disputed. Mountain trekking, spelunking, etc. If you've been to that part of the northern region, chances are you went back to Manila spruced up for another back-to-nature's-dirt itinerary. Certainly, one does not visit Sagada once only.

My First Time

I have so far visited it once. I'm looking forward to returning. The first time I was there was about relaxation and communing with nature. Since I'm not in any way scruffy and very agile for body-enduring adventures, I will be returning to one of the Philippines' favorite Luzon-based  travel destinations for the same goal -- to relax and commune with nature.

My Own Quaint Room In The Middle of The Woods

Instead of testing my body and further exposing it to the elements for fun, I'd want to seek out that quaint-looking inn in the middle of the woods of Sagada again. No artless budget houses for me. I see enough of those and live in one in Metro Manila. There's certainly more to my northern exposure than a modern cemented cave. Besides, commuting to the Mountain Province via Baguio alone is an adventure already. By the time I get to my destination again, I'd want to stay in Rock Inn & Cafe and experience the solemn silence of a peaceful retreat. No TV set. No radio. All pine wood scent. Nothing but pine trees outside my room window. It was the environment I had during my first visit of Sagada and I intend to have it again.

I can always keep the adventure at bay... maybe for my third visit. No one needs to hurry when one is in Sagada anyway. 

For my first time experience in Sagada, visit my travel blog, Turista Trails.
Fun Activities To Do In Sagada Without Hurting Your Scruff:

• Setting up a bonfire to enjoy stories and hotdogs with friends

• Orange-picking or a simple visit to the peach and orange farms

• Sight-seeing quaint Sagada houses
• Visiting arts and crafts stores not just for souvenirs but for art appreciation
• Trekking or jogging in the middle of the woods
• Going on a food trip, tasting yoghurt at the Yoghurt House or lemon pie at the Lemon Pie House

02/25/2013 8:57am

Thank you for visiting Sagada. Come see us again. :D

03/22/2013 2:35am

My pleasure!

04/05/2014 7:50am

hi karlo, how do i get in touch with the rock inn & cafe? i wanna go on a retreat and have never been to sagada before. is it safe for me to go on my own?


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